4 thoughts on “Mac vs PC vs Missional…”

  1. I don’t see it as a spoof. I see it as the theft of intellectual property – used to attack other Christians.

    CCC claims it’s a parody, which only proves their questionable understanding of the English language. A parody or spoof pokes fun at or ridicules the original. This spot copies Mac creative to go after “a holier-than-thou Christian”. How Sunni of them.

    I put links in the draft of my response that I created in Xinha Here, but you’ve set your blog up to not accept HTML links. My post is here:
    CCC’s eStore is here: http://tinyurl.com/ttpu7

  2. Bill,

    I appreciate you bringing these important thoughts about the above. I gave little thought before I posted it late last night and have now removed it. Aside from the blog that I liked up from, I had no idea where they came from and that they are being profited from.


  3. Thanks for pointing out the fact that those who produced them are profiting from them.

    I found them searching You Tube for mac pc ads. Which is why I posted them.

    I appreciate the info.

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