Worst Album Covers…

Alright, now there are some things that we should leave buried never to be seen again, but in this case I couldn’t resist resurrecting some of the worst Christian album covers of all time…

nothing missional….strictly for your amusement.


Swingin THAT gospel axe is gonna get people saved….


Can someone say bad spoof on the Righteous Brothers?


I wanna go to his Church….I bet he preaches a nasty sermon…


Take heart my brother…the resurrection WILL happen…


I guess they need one there as well…


This one gives me a NO feeling…


These guys (and gal) don’t really look like the crusading type… a little to square.

3 thoughts on “Worst Album Covers…”

  1. I actually have heard Crain preach. Dude, gets it going. Breaks stuff, cuts stuff, and then delivers a hellfire and brimstone message. He’s a good guy with his heart in the right place.

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