Voice of the Day – Cesar Chaves

"What do we want the Church to do? We don’t ask for more cathedrals. We don’t ask for bigger churches of fine gifts. We ask for its presence with us, beside us, as Christ among us. We ask the Church to sacrifice with the people for social change, for justice, and for love of brother. We don’t ask for words. We ask for deeds. We don’t ask for paternalism. We ask for servanthood."

~Cesar Chaves

Chaves summarizes well what is desperately needed from the Church…

One thought on “Voice of the Day – Cesar Chaves”

  1. Well isn’t asking Christ to be Lord of Our lives a form of paternalizm? I say this not to contradict but to show it is a combination of serventhood AND paternalizm. We need actions AND words to be under the Lordship of Christ as servents and children by Faith in His death and resurrection alone.
    Also, should we trust mans definition of justice and is that truly justice? Is forced redistribution justice or is incentives for people to help the poor from their hearts true justice? I agree with you on the conclusion but disagree with the “how” on this based from the post you referenced here.

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