Voice of the Day – Mother Teresa

"You can find Calcutta anywhere in the world. You only need two eyes to see. Everywhere in the world there are people that are not loved, people that are not wanted nor desired, people that no one will help, people that are pushed away or forgotten. And this is the greatest poverty"

~Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s acts and vision for ministry continue to challenge and inspire me.  Becoming a bit of a repeating theme is how vision is important for missional formation…an eschatalogical vision of love incarnated.  May we begin to see people with the eyes of Jesus as Mother Teresa exemplified for us.

3 thoughts on “Voice of the Day – Mother Teresa”

  1. John,

    I love that quote! I’m going to have to send people this way for that one. It’s a lot about what we are willing to see. Jesus did say a bit about our ability to see “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness.” I pray we will see like Jesus and Mother Theresa saw. I often feel half blind.

  2. JR, I think a blog post about vision is brewing in me…I need to find the time to sort it out as there is something in the midst of this conversation that we need to embrace…not the vision that we hear trumpeted by the church growth marketing movement, but a way of seeing the world in God’s way.

    Since I began almost a year ago a two year intensive in Spiritual Formation as part of my degree, a prayer has been rising within me…”Lord, may I see this world with the eyes of the Spirit, feel with the heart of the father and act with the hands of Jesus.”

    After meditating on that prayer I often identify with the half blind feeling…

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