A busy night of preparation

Our mission group gathered Wednesday night with a packed agenda to plow through as we prepare for the various acts of worship we will engage in this Christmas.  As we are a local group based on geography, not affinity, we seek ways of enacting God’s presence in the neighbourhood and look at this community where we are planted through a redeeming/restorative lens. 

Drink5_1We began by planning the bread night coffee house we have once a month. For those unfamiliar, I posted about the bread night HERE a while back.  We prepared Bread__loaf_1invitations for the neighbourhood and all the necessary logistics to make the carport we use for the coffee night hospitable.  Those who come by to meet their neighbours, have free bread, drink coffee and eat snacks are encouraged to bring a donation to the local food bank. 

As there are plenty of needy families in our neighbourhood, part of our evening was used to plan the  food hamper for our sponsored family that we intend to deliver the night of our Christmas Xmastreepresentsparty, which we also planned.  Each of us bucked up to make fat the little bit of budget we had coming from the Church for this purpose. 

The final thing we worked through was sorting out the tickets that we each need for the Christmas play "On the Doorstep" we are hosting.  We’ve all decided to use this opportunity to strengthen relationships with our neighbours and offer them an evening of drama, dessert and coffee on Sunday night.

In the midst of a busy two hours and a busy weekend coming up, I feel energized and excited about the opportunity this time of year affords to living large for the Kingdom.  It’s fun to be part of something wonderful, creative and redeeming…

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