An Honest exploration of what it means to be the church…

Brant Hansen (Letters from Kamp Krusty) addresses some questions to him about what it means to be the church.  He paints a vivid contrast between what many in the West perceive as Church and the grass-roots Jesus movement that changed the world…

"It seems that a real line has been drawn in the sand here between what you think healthy church is and is not.  It seems you think that you have been involved in the not-so-healthy side of things for a while.

Nearly my entire life.  I’m a PK, myself, of a fundamentalist background.  I’ve also been a full-time youth minister with a church I still love.  (Short bio note and disclaimer:  I’ve told few people my whole story.  But when I have, the usual response is, "It’s amazing you’re a believer."  With that as a backdrop, and if I am all wrong here, please be patient with me.)

I have found that many of the trappings — the non-essential, cultural understandings of "church" — are at odds with the movement that Jesus intended.  Honestly, I *think* this is less about the continual hypocrisy, at high levels, we’ve run into, and more about growing in our understanding of what Jesus was talking about.

Remarkably, despite growing up exclusively in churches that "preach the Bible", I never encountered the very message that Jesus called The Good News.  I’m not exaggerating.  It was never explained to me, "Here’s what He meant by ‘the Kingdom of God’…"

Read the whole post…it’s well worth it.  His blog is fast becoming a favorite of mine for his whit, insight and writing style.

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