Best of 2006

As a relatively new blogger (since October), I feel it somewhat strange to publish my best of 2006 compilation of posts in my short life as a blogger.  However, I reckon since everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?  Nonetheless, these are the top six of 2006 in no particular order:

Eschatology & Missional Spirituality
In a nutshell, this post tries to capture the important connection between eschatology and being missional in theology.

Spirituality, work, and integration
This entry looks at the importance of work and doing away with the common dualism of sacred and secular.  How to live a genuine faith in the workplace is the underlying question.

Centering…a poem
This is a poem I wrote bout the journey away from distraction and into stillness before God.

Thoughts about Vision
This entry deals with the idea of missional vision and formation.  How do we see the world around us in light of the salvation we have in Jesus and our participation in the work God is doing in the world?

Questions about "Mega Church" ecclesiology
This was written as a response to a blog that sparked many concerns about ecclesiology. This series of questions was my attempt to understand better how churches within our Western consumerist culture go about crafting their ecclesiologies.  It sparked some interesting discussion.

Living Prayer Chapter Reflections
This is a favorite book to me and each of the chapters are being reviewed bi-monthly.  Robert Benson’s book has been instrumental in helping me to understand Spiritual Formation and it’s importance to shape the Church.

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