A Poem About Vision

Old_omb_1Dream deeply my beloved,
Dream to see with eyes not your own.
What might the world be?
If hearts of stone became flesh
and love flourished,
Can you dream the Patmos dream?

Instead of despair, let hope be your eye’s fixture.
Still violence, make peace be real.
People flourishing as God-image bearers.
Let the door of trust swing open to heal hearts.
Allow the walls of anguish to diminish
To make room for Eden today.

Let the earth be made new!
The way made clear by the incarnate One
The way of love by the suffering Son
The community of three; remarkable!
A oneness to shape the essence of all
A ‘being’ of three, an invitation to believe
To see things yet unseen,
To dream deeply my bleoved
To evoke the Patmos dream.

The above poem rose up from within me while reflecting on the hope to come when all things are made new. It captures what I feel needs to occupy the imagination of the church.

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