Two quotes that say so much about worship and the Church…

Erika Haub at The Margins shares her Quote of the day with us…well, actually, it’s two quotes for the price of one that speak volumes about the topic of worship/ecclesiology that has seen some popularity of late in light of a controversial blog post a while back.   These two quotes up against each other really expose the issue that has many who muse about the Church concerned.  Here they are:

"What should we get out of worship? Wrong question. Worship is not a utility but an offering, i.e. a sacrifice, an economy of grace that interrupts and critiques the feverish cycles of production and consumption – which is why the collection is not fund-raising but cultural critique. If you want relevance, excitement, or profit, go to a rally, a concert, or the stock exchange. To put it most counter-culturally: Blessed are the bored, for they will see God."

~ Kim Fabricious

and….are you ready for this?

"It is our desire not to merely have a church service, but to create an experience through song, video, messages, and any other tools the Holy Spirit might place in front of us. Sure, we’ve been accused of entertaining people, but I would much rather entertain people than bore them. Jesus didn’t mind creating experiences, and His church shouldn’t either.

We are serious about making Jesus’ name famous, and that just can’t happen when church is boring. I believe a boring church is a sin! So, we are going to always do all we can to make sure that when a person attends our church on Sunday that it is one of the best hours of their week. I believe people should look forward more to church than 24, Lost, or American"

~ Perry Noble


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