Sacred Reading and Creative Word

Let the word of God speak, be still, let the Word wash over your soul,

Let it fill your mind, fill your will,

Like rain filling the fields, in the cold Autumn chill

Will you prepare your soul to meet the King?

Or will you rush through the story overlooking important things,

While thinking of the possessions that steal your affection

Steal your heart and mind, wasting them on temporal things?

Slowly tune your ear…

Like an expert listener, waiting for the voice that can set you off

In a direction of life, not lost without meaning, but gleaning from the love

That loves, as much as love can,

Do you hear the invitation?

What is the word saying? …“Come, enter into the story?

Can you smell the stench of sickness in the dry air?

As the master heals the man and says “follow me, be free from despair”

Free from the stories that make you less than human; that make your whole life ache like the pain that comes from the yoke you weren’t meant to bear, weren’t meant to take.

Allow the word to pull you in, to form you from within your depths.

To shape your affections toward hope in the one who saves, redeems and loves,

Like no other can love in this life,

Will you receive the invitation, the invitation to be made new?

Like beautiful spring flowers coming up in bloom

Like a precious pearl that you stumbled upon while walking along a trail

Receive the gift of God, the gift that woos you from hell…oh, will you…?

Bury your life in these words, like you would bury priceless treasure in your own back yard…

Like you would bury tomato seeds in a dirt bed freshly plowed

Let this story give you meaning,

Let it take you places where you can live out healing

A life where the word covers your whole being,

Like the snow covers everything when it snows…are you dreaming…yet?

Dreaming of the possibilities yet unseen,

Perhaps a step closer to the colorful Patmos dream…you know the one, the dream of a new creation…the one John tells us about in the book of revelation.

Come and see…calls the word to us, come and see the beauty and use your imagination to envision new life beside the tree who’s leaves are for the healing of the nations….

Let the word of God speak, be still, let the words wash over your soul,

Let them fill your mind, fill your will,

Like rain filling the fields, in the cold Autumn chill

Will you listen to the word? Will you be still?

Let it place you at the feet of Jesus as he taught on the ‘sermon’ hill?

Will you come to live, will you come and hear,

Let the word of God speak, let it draw you near…

Will you let the Word speak?

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2 thoughts on “Sacred Reading and Creative Word”

  1. John,

    Thank you for the wonderful invitation to be fully human by allowing the word to be made flesh in our day to day living. Your words of invite, inspire me to continue the journey of following the Living Word.

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