People who pretend to be other people…

I couldn’t resist linking to Brant Hansen’s post about the Oscar show last night. You know Brant, that whitty guy who writes us Letters from Kamp Crusty…yeah, that Brant.

here is the post…pure genius…

KingoftheworldThe people who pretend to be other people gave themselves some awards last night!

And let me tell you something: The people who pretend REALLY like Al Gore! The people who pretend said Al Gore is pretty awesome! :)

The people who pretend are pretty upset about the whole world getting too hot, and we’re all going to die :-0

They weren’t happy about that. Our lives of consumption are catching up to us, they said :(

One lady had a pair of shoes that cost a million dollars with diamonds! I hope you saw those! I did! ;)

But the people who pretend were happy that their award show was “going green”! :) I thought their limos were super-neat!!!

A guy named Leo DiCaprio, who pretended he was pretending to be “the King of the World!” once, said he also thinks Al Gore is super-double-DUPER neat!

I like how all the pretending people believe the exact same thing!

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One thought on “People who pretend to be other people…”

  1. It’s a popular thing to pretend or to preach. It is a hard thing to consistently live even according to what we believe. We can deceive some people some times, though.

    God move us to authentic action that helps people know your kingdom is here!

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