What glitters is not always….

Have you ever been to a church service and wondered what you just experienced? For some, the thought of coming to see a show, or being counseled ministered to is the expected norm. Some come and buy right into the “meet my individual needs” gospel that pervades the West. The over-the-top jungle gyms for kids, the self-esteem “have your best life now” type sermons, the name it and claim it mantras, and programs galore that will ensure ambidextrous golfers and housewives have their own care group keep the crowds a commin and little attention is paid to the meaning of it all. On the surface, there is a “jesus-ifying” of everything. But beneath the fools-gold glimmer of falsity lies nothing more than a way for consumers to feel good about their pursuit of the North American Dream and its values. For others that ask tough questions about the gospel and ecclesiology, experiencing the aforementioned scenarios can make the stomach churn.

Kind of like this…


Then, in my queasiness I am reminded how even for these, the ones who get it wrong from time to time (like us), the Lord died to redeem and make whole.

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