Here’s a post for mac lovers…

Here’s a resource post for the growing number of mac lovers I am encountering in my circles lately. People are coming to mac like crazy. A mac revival is spreading across the land like wildfire and people are seeing the light like never before. So, religious imagery aside, here is a list of mac apps that will kick start your discipleship toward eternal computing paradise.

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  • Delicious Library – 40$, but well worth it.
  • Books Application – it’s a free library and a good alternative to Delicious
  • Adium – a messenger
  • Ecto – for blogging, this is the best software out there for 20$
  • Liquid CD – for burning
  • Mac the Ripper – for importing your movies onto your mac
  • Omni Outliner – for organizing your ideas
  • Skim – a great PDF reader with many options
  • You’ll love Skitch for image sharing and manipulation (by invite only…so search google for skitch invites and see what you find)
  • X-Pad for taking notes – it’s easy and clean
  • Journler – a great little app
  • Firefox Campus Edition – with some cool research and multimedia options

Check out C.Wess Daniel’s site Gathering in Light each friday. His “dress down Friday” post has great links and tips for mac users.

[Update: Check out Quicksilver, A unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data. via Adam]

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2 thoughts on “Here’s a post for mac lovers…”

  1. John,
    thanks for the links – some good stuff here. Also I am a huge QS fan, been using it for more than 3 years now and have customized mine a lot. If you haven’t used it much, check out the clipboard shortcuts in it, I use them a lot.

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