Easter Beautiful

I was trying to explain Easter to my 3 year old daughter today and when I asked her what was significant about Easter Sunday, she said: “Jesus died on the cross for us.”

“Ok, Anna, that was on Friday and that is true, but what about today, Sunday?.

“Um, um…”

“Today, Anna”, I said, “is the day Jesus rose from the dead. You see, jesus died for our sins and for the whole world. And what is remarkable about his death is that he did not stay dead. He rose from the dead on Easter Sunday to give us life and make all things new and beautiful.”

She replied…”Easter Beautiful?”

“Yes, Anna, Easter Beautiful…that is an excellent way to put it. God is making all things Easter beautiful by rising from the dead and giving us new life.”

Needless to say, I was touched and reminded that from the lips of infants and children…

So I thought about “Easter Beautiful” and was inspired out of blog silence with the following words…

Easter Beautiful! People, nature, the whole realm, of all we know. Is being made, Easter Beautiful!

Could beauty be better? Can people change? from the grip of evil’s derange? Brought back to life, from death’s corruption, Sins forgiven by Love’s Easter eruption. Making blossoms bloom in lives of gloom.

Without hope no more! And living breath bestowed. Hearts now better, now full. For God is making everything, Easter Beautiful!

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