Monthly Archives: April 2008

Off to Europe…

Well, it is two weeks and counting till the wife and I (that’s right, no kids) head off to Europe for a cruise. We will be in Rome for four days, then board a Regent Cruise ship for six nights, touring the Mediterranean to such places as Pompeii, Naxos, Ephesus, and Santorini. Here is the...

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Lamenting Death in the OT

Our church is making its way through a long series on the story of scripture. We are after the meta-narrative and desire to see people embedded into the scriptures in a way that will drastically form identity and purpose. It is a good journey. Over the last couple of weeks we have been in the...

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the Story of Stuff

If you haven’t seen this, please go and see this. this will make you think more about stuff. It flows nicely out of the last post on consumerism. .

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