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A Christmas Message

  This time of year means different things for many people. Rightly so, traditions and superstitions abound and have converged over the years to bring us a whirlwind of ideas about what Christmas is. People make it what they want it to be and that is their right. The traditions are vast and they vary...

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Two Christmas Tides

  It's the second week of advent and Christmas is approaching. This is good. For the light of the world…. the gift that transcends all material gifts… the one that does not decay, but gives and sustains life, is coming. This is good news. For all people. Two tides meet in the vortex of our...

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Christmas tree farm….

  We spent the afternoon going to the tree farm. It's a tradition our family has had since before our children were born. For us, this day and the first Sunday of Advent officially ushers in the Christmas season for us. The kids had a blast romping through the rows of trees as their aunt...

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Christmas Story

  Each Christmas season I am compelled to watch this. It's beautifully done and captures the heart of the Christmas story. I am reminded how delicate and precious those events were 2000 years ago.  

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Out of the Cold

Christmas is the time of year that can make people do strange things. Millions living in the affluent West go into unmanageable debt, acquire material things they do not need, and practice a form of gluttony that would give great Kings of Old indigestion. Sadly, all of this strangely happens in front of the majority...

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