Can you believe this? Rambo’s violence married to a Christian theme?

I rise from a blog slumber with an itch to express my disgust at the movie making (if we can call it that) shenanigans employed by the latest Rambo film. I lost count and think this is the 11th or something. Read this review from Christianity Today about the movie and let me know what you think of Stallone’s attempt to marry Rambonian violence with a sentimental Christian plot that aims to save missionaries through the use of extreme redemptive violence. I think I just threw up on my mac.

What do you think?

The Golden Compass…fear not

Goldencompassposter2Big.Jpg (Jpeg Image, 540X800 Pixels) - Scaled (79%)Jeffrey Overstreet, film critic for Christianity Today, weighs in with some advice in this article about the concern Christians have for the new Philip Pullman movie, The Golden Compass; a film based on Pullman’s Atheist persuasion. Many are concerned for the younger audiences that might un-discerningly take in Pullman’s representation of the “church” without considering his biases or what he is in fact reacting to. The article elaborates on the “version” of Christianity in the following way:

“Pullman has painted a picture of the church—represented by “The Magisterium” in his stories—that basically reflects only those ways in which the church has abused power. And he has used that selective reflection as an excuse to write off Christianity as a whole. That’s sort of like condemning the entire produce section in a grocery store because a few of the apples were bad. (And “Magisterium” is not something Pullman just made up. It’s a very real word referring to the church, particularly the Roman Catholic Church. So he’s not trying to cloak his intentions here.)

“It’s interesting to note that Pullman’s dismissal of Christianity skips over one little detail: Jesus. Pullman’s story never makes any attempt to explore or refute the claims and ministry and person of Christ. He has, in effect, set up a “straw God” rather than a “straw man,” and his fans are congratulating him for knocking down Pullman’s flawed perception of God rather than the God of Christianity. He’s not really undermining Christian belief as he thinks he is; he is undermining the abuse of authority, something altogether contrary to the gospel.”

What is interesting is that this book and story seems like an intriguing read. It is a trilogy and this installment serves to set up the second and third books that are the most controversial, according to Overstreet.

I think it is important for Christians to see a movie like this, even to read the books, and consider the reactions in the story. It is not too difficult to see past some of his presumptions; however, perhaps this movie could serve to help us consider what types of attitudes and abuses we need to avoid as Christians and the Church.

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People who pretend to be other people…

I couldn’t resist linking to Brant Hansen’s post about the Oscar show last night. You know Brant, that whitty guy who writes us Letters from Kamp Crusty…yeah, that Brant.

here is the post…pure genius…

KingoftheworldThe people who pretend to be other people gave themselves some awards last night!

And let me tell you something: The people who pretend REALLY like Al Gore! The people who pretend said Al Gore is pretty awesome! :)

The people who pretend are pretty upset about the whole world getting too hot, and we’re all going to die :-0

They weren’t happy about that. Our lives of consumption are catching up to us, they said :(

One lady had a pair of shoes that cost a million dollars with diamonds! I hope you saw those! I did! ;)

But the people who pretend were happy that their award show was “going green”! :) I thought their limos were super-neat!!!

A guy named Leo DiCaprio, who pretended he was pretending to be “the King of the World!” once, said he also thinks Al Gore is super-double-DUPER neat!

I like how all the pretending people believe the exact same thing!

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A Walk in the Blogosphere…

i-monk has a good initial response to James Cameron’s claims to have found Jesus’ tomb. A 90 minute documentary on the Discovery Channel produced by Cameron will attempt to put claims of the resurrection to rest. The blog has this article about Cameron’s attempts. Check out i-monk’s other post on this.

John Stackhouse gives us a thoughtful reflection about Oprah’s Secret. Apparently she gnosis what she’s talking about…

Will Samson gives his thoughts on the Emergent Nature of Christ.

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