Speedlinking January 5th 2008

My favorite “Hardcore Theology” site has a great discussion about whether there is an ontological distinction between the church and the world

Brant, on his blog of awesomeness has a wonderful post about the oft neglected reality of the Kingdom

Len offers a great Tom Sine quotation about the need for discipleship to include a culture transforming element

A little late, but here is a great rewrite of “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus”

Perhaps a little dated by now, But David Fitch has some comments on the interview he had with Scot Mc Knight.

That’s it for today, I am still about 250 posts behind in my Google RSS reading.

Speedlinking December 8


Stuff on Pope Benedict

Biography and Theology – Moltmann’s confession about the subjective importance of theology

TSK points us to some worthwhile online study tools

Bearing the Cross in the Global Economy – this article analyzes a report about slave labour in China that makes Christian Crosses for the West. via Jake

Christians and the Golden Compass

The wounding of the soul by God…a paper from Len

Speedlinking November 1, 2007


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Canadian Thanksgiving Speedlinking Oct 8th

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Speedlinking – Sept 27th

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It’s been a busy week church wise and work wise (quarter end), so I haven’t had much time to write anything. TO keep the posting somewhat consistent, here are some good links to keep you informed…

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Speedlinking September 24th


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Speedlinking – Sept 13th

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Speedlinking – Sept 1st


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Speedlinking – August 26th


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Speedlinking-August 19th

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  • Here is a great quote about Discipleship from Erika’s site.
  • The 417 Rules of Awesomely Bold Leadership…also Here and Here.
  • For Mac users…I ordered I-Life 08. I hear mixed reviews. What about you? What do you think of it?
  • Here are some books I have just ordered:

Any of you read these books? If so, what do you think?

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